Existing Parking Operators

We can help you complete your contracts of all sizes if need cover due to ill health, fast expansion or remote sites away from your existing patrol routes.

Patrol Fulfilment

We can provide trained CEO staff on a temporary or long term based in London, South East and on the south coast.

We will patrol & issue PCNs in your company name and our CEOs are training in both BPA and IPC code of conducts.


We have over 100 sites in the UK under site management on behalf of Parking Operators. PCNs which are not sent to the Parking Operators own back office are fully managed through the PaymyPCN Platform.

This includes:

  • Payment Processing
  • Motorist Portal for PCN payment and management
  • Electronic DVLA Link
  • Appeals management including second stage appeals (POPLA/IAS)
  • Fully managed debt recovery & legal process

For more information please email: sales@regentparking.co.uk

New Parking Operators

We can assist, train and help new start up operators wanting to start in the parking industry.

You can join either trade association or come under the Regent Parking umbrella until you generate enough revenue to join the trade association and start the DVLA probation.

We will help and support you as you grown your new business:

  • Support you as a IPC or BPA Member
  • Full support through the ATA audit process
  • Full training in the IPC or BPA code of conduct
  • Provide you with compliant enforcement signage including GDPR amendments
  • Enforcement App (Android/iPhone) and printer
  • Online PCN workflow system (inc Appeals & Payment Processing)
  • Motorist portal for payments and appeals
  • DVLA data - probation period and KADOE setup
  • Fully managed PCN recovery & legal process
  • Automatic number plate recognition (ANPR) systems set-up and support
  • Physical and virtual permits
  • GDPR support and training
  • Site management contracts templates
  • Complete project management

For more information please email: sales@regentparking.co.uk